Business record keeping

Within the bookkeeping we offer the following services:

  • settlements concerning the Book of Accounts, including:  
    • keeping accounting documentation based on the tax law regulations and Act on accounting,
    • keeping any accounting registers and tax registers required by law: fixed assets register, VAT register, register of income tax from legal persons,
    • preparation of tax declarations or calculation of advances: VIT-2, CIT-8,  VAT-7, Intrastat and any other declarations required according to the law;
  • preparation of pre-determined statements and reports predefined with the Client such as: cash-flow, costing, project profitability analyses. Our system generates automatic reports and may send it by electronic mail to selected persons, in the required format and time;
  • preparation of an annual obligatory balance sheet with all the accompanying documents;
  • preparation of documents required by the Central Statistical Office and National Bank of Poland;
  • preparation of financial documents required for verification of borrowing power fro the need of banks;
  • representation of the Client’s interests before Tax Office, Central Statistical Office etc.;
  • current information for Clients on changes in legal and tax provisions concerning their businesses;
  • collection of accounting documentation from the seat of the Client;
  • day-to-day entering of the bank statements into the accounting system enabling current analysis of incomes and expenses;
  • on-line insight into the register.

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